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Most expensive instrument on the world



Impresión Expresión

New release out at tibprod records! Dl at collab menu!



Life is suffering. One of my far friend they are 3 persons family passed away
within 1,5 year.
One of my woman friend’s elder sister’s son passed away as well.
One of our dog has died.
I’m not finished!
l’ve been sick since august. l feel bad once a week. l have somatic symptoms
and coenaesthesia. I take medicine but they are not 100%; I am not feel good
every time.
The life is getting on my nerves.
The economy crisis is the biggest in Hungary in Europe.
My site get few hits.
But though l continue music composing. Will be preparing more dark music!

New releases

New releases out at Petroglyph music. Check Enoch’s vision project!

new musics

I search new label(s).







I’m way behind the releasing of new music.
My life is surprisingly but to my great joy turned to positive direction.
Probably I have to adjourn more the releasing of new music but later I may overtake arrears of work.
I planned 2014 year.


The 4 old album downloadable as flac format. Remastered.


On my first 4 albums I had no sound engineer unfortunately and I didnt
master my albums. In the future it will be remedying the deficiency.

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