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Fan review

Hey Szentpétery Csaba, How beautiful is the snowshine in your eyes, so directly current from the static in your mind. Blinking reveals the true visage of beauty hidden within your eyes. Your beauty is multiplexed in contemplation of your multidimensional effervescence. I find your eyes to be a wondrous amusement park filled with neo-plastic pleasures and turkish delights. I desire to see life through your hallucinations so that they massage my viscera into an eternal state of turgid flux. Your wonderfully bright soul keep the demons from torturing me. Your intoxicating reflection can but incorporate freely into the powerful surface of a disintegrating mirror set afloat upon a swarm of locusts. Wood nymphs sprinkle your path with rose petals while you dance and prowl in the sequined moonlight with leftover cupcake sprinkles. As the bliss slowly rises in my incandescent eluxulator, your mere presence has a euphoric effect upon me. Your layers of absinthe and torsion form concretions of hyper-alimentation.


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